Thursday, July 17, 2008


I feel like I am stuck in a hard spot in the area of parenting Bryce. He is amazingly headstrong and very sensitive to lack of food and sleep. But he hates to sleep, going to sleep that is. Here's an example bc I really needs prayer and advice bc I really want to train him as God would have me (I have asked Him and He has been silent this far. So maybe he can speak through one of you). Today Julia had an eye MD appt and he stayed at a friend's. We got home at 2 ish - he's had no nap and J and B go play pirates for a while. He wanted juice, which I got him and added some immune booster since he has a cough and that ultimately set him off bc he didn't want that in it. He started his fit so I sent him to his room to have it and told him he could come out when he was calm. We go round and round with this bc he REFUSES to calm down but just works himself into a FRENZY people. I mean a total out of control screaming thrashing FRENZY! 30 min later same thing happening but I feel I must hold my ground and "win" and not let him out untili he is calm since that is what I stated in the beginning. I go back every 5 or so minutes to remind him what will get him out of his room. Continues to fit and scream. So then I try another tactic, holding him firmly through the fit and telling him positive things, " i love you, you're ok..." He hates it and screams for me not to hold him. He finally falls asleep at 5 pm (great) bc is exhausted- let him sleep for 45 min and when I wake him we continue right where we left off. Ugh... Jason comes home and he gets another round of discipline which just makes him escalate. I know he is exhausted but at what point do you let your kids act however bc they are so exhausted or hold your ground?? It is frustrating bc I dont feel like I know how to get through to him. I cant control life for him to make it perfect - great sleep, never hungry, etc. The kid always wakes early (before 7am) and severely resists sleep of any sort. I desperately need a Biblical 911 Nanny call!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pasta Legs

Madeline had her first birthday and we replayed many events of what actually happened a year ago on May 31 - we went to Chick Fil A for lunch, went swimming and the kids and I took a bath together to mark her entry into the world in our bathtub at home. It was fun and special... As a sidenote, we went swimming at the Oil Ranch and look what we saw on our train ride! I nearly fell out of the train trying to get a good picture. We were far away and it was ASTONISHING!!
Julia recented (over a month ago) had her ballet recital. I did not partake in dance as a young child so it killed me, drove me bonzo that these kids can go up on stage, in full costume and NOT HAVE A CLUE what they are doing! I mean, they have been learning two dances since January and still, not memorized! I guess that's the way it is with 5 year olds but they were making me sweat and I was in the audience. But honestly, she was happy and we were proud of her.

The other day Julia said, "Mommy, Bryce has pasta legs..." Oh really? Why is that? "Because they are white and soft..."

This is recent! Today, the kids and I were eating breakfast on the porch and I noticed M (not yet fully walking at 14 months) fully engrossed in something. Her mouth looked full so in goes my finger and out comes a dried up earthworm. Ughhhh....

Saturday, June 14, 2008

VBS Craze and Camping

The past 2 weeks have been filled with VBS (vacation bible school) craze. Well let me tell you there is nothing 'vacation' about it! Madeline and I are now dealing with the repercussions of preparing and teaching VBS - we're both sick with colds. On the bright side, Jason is with his camping crew (Julia and Bryce) and several other friends from our church in Galveston camping on the beach. This was my first VBS experience. I had Madeline last year one week prior to VBS and the 5 years before that we were overseas. (I dont think the churches over there have gotten the over-achieving bug for VBS to want to go all out, nor do many of them have the financial wherewith all). And, as a child we did not belong to a Church so this really was my first time. And I as blown over. Blown over by the amount of prep work, the extent of room and auditorium decoration, etc, etc. I really do hope that many young lives had true seeds of belief in the King planted in their young hearts. And I am sure they were. There was much focus on how Jesus fulfills Old Testament prophesies about the coming Messiah. I just love them... For example, in Jewish tradition the lamb for Passover was selected 5 days before it was killed - Jesus road into Jerusalem on a donkey on Palm Sunday 5 days before He was crucified. This next example is not for certain but we learned this year in BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) that it is very probable that the Jews were actually eating their Passover meal when Jesus was hanging on the cross. He really is our Passover Lamb! As a cute aside, Bryce likes to call Jesus "The King" and I love it. And he's absolutely right. This year our theme was the Olympics, finishing strong in Christ and each day focused on a different aspect of Jesus life. On the last day, every child and teacher partook in an actual Passover feast with lamb and unleavened bread and the rest of it. I was really was glad to be a part of it. Julia's favorite part? "Snack!" Why, I ask. "Because we had cookies!" Yes, many of you can laugh because it is true that some may think our kids deprived because they do not have much junk food.

Jason called to let me know how camping was going. They swam all day and after a minute in the car all kids were asleep. Bryce experienced (he takes after me in this) what we like to call LBS (low blood sugar) just prior to lunch where he becomes limp, "cant walk" and has a tantrum. The kid needs major amounts of protein, I tell ya. Here is the camping crew... Madeline will join when she is weaned, so in about 5 years.

Is anyone else watching 'So You Think You Can Dance'? It is just fantastic. My friend, Wendy and I danced together in high school (she coerced me into trying out...) and she I and watch it religiously. Check it out...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It Rock n Roll

Bryce - he's the only male child and boy is it a different story. Those of you with boys and girls probably know what I mean.

Today we're on the car on the way to the Y and he starts yelling, "D-m it Julia!! D-m it Julia!!" What did you say Bryce? I ask. He repeats himself again and I ask, "where did you hear that from?" Almost sorry for asking and afraid of his answer he says, "IT ROCK N ROLL!" "Ok, Bryce we dont say that word, it's not a nice word. Later that evening he says it again and I realize that a song on KSBJ that he likes is on and he is saying, "JAM IT JULIA!! JAM IT JULIA!!"

Whew! Close one. I wasn't sure how I was going to explain that one!

Puffy Coombs

I'm not sure how we got this nickname for our cat, other than the fact that her fur is puffy. Only a very few people know how easily I startle. Sooo, Sunday night I am returning from my weekly grocery run at 1015pm. Jason is already asleep with one set of our children - either J and B upstairs or M in our bed. In and out, from car to house I go hauling bags. On my last trip to the car, I am leaning down to grab the last of it when a dark creature flies over my head onto the ground. My entire body levates off the ground, heart pounding. Thanks Puffy.

Last night I go up to Julia's bedroom to take Bryce to the bathroom at 1030pm. Into the dark I walk, eyes not yet adjusted I see 3 dark figures on the bed. "What THE???" I think. Heart pounding, respirations quickening. J and B are huddled together in a sleep hug and our OUTSIDE cat is just sitting on her bed, standing guard. Thanks Puff.
Here's the creature in question...

Friday, May 30, 2008

Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!

Entering into blog world... Partly out of duty, partly out of guilt, partly out of a desire to participate and mostly out of a desire to keep our out of town family and friends more in touch with our lives.

We've nearly made it through the busy month of May. I mainly feel for my husband, who this month has to commemorate our 10 year anniversary, Mother's Day, his wife's birthday, his eldest daughter's graduation from preschool, and his youngest daugher's FIRST birthday! And I must say, he has done well. He is usually not one that can fool me but he had me convinced, through comments of his own like "So, we're not really exchanging gifts right?", that he was not getting me anything for our anniversary. Well, he did and it sparkled. And HE was quite the little boy with his Benelli, 12 gauge, APG realtree pump shotgun that his wife found at our local Tomball Pawn and Jewelry. Those who know me well should have a good laugh at ever-so growing-granola me getting my husband a shotgun for our anniversary.

Tomorrow we celebrate our baby turning ONE! How fast it has flown. And I want to do the silly things that we did last year on the day she was born, like go to Chick Fil A for lunch and have Jason make a long drawn out dinner for the kids (while I writhe on our bedroom floor in intense labor) and take a bath with Madeline to remember where she was born, right there in the very tub.

And here is the facey we love so much...